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Kiddie Rhythms was born out of Charon Tap Star’s desire and passion for teaching, and inspiring children across the globe.

It presents Pre-school to 2nd-grade kids with a rare opportunity to be mentored by a world-renowned tap dancerBut its not only about dance; we also aspire to impact the whole child by building intellect, creativity, and discipline, which we believe are the basic building blocks for a life of creativity, confidence, and achievement.

About The Founder.

The founder Charon Tap Star is regarded by many as one of the top tap dancers in the world. She started performing as a preschooler, and later went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from New York University. She has since become one of the most popular names in the tap dancing circle, with both the “Los Angeles Times” and New York Press calling her BRILLIANT!

Charon has performed at some of the world's most beautiful theatres, including Hollywood's "Kodak Theatre". She has also made history as one of the first female tap dancers to ever perform at Russia's prestigious "Kremlin Palace Theatre." She has been captivating audiences across the globe since age three, including performances with Savion Glover, Honi Coles, Debbie Allen, Gregory Hines, Riverdance, Disney, and more.

Inspired by her love for kids, she decided to write her very first children’s Picture Book! Kiddie Rhythms “The Show”! With contents ranging from inspiring stories of costumes to ballet, jazz, and tap, this vibrant, colorful, and easy-to-read picture book, gives young readers a behind-the-scenes view into the exciting world of the performing arts.

Inspire your Kiddies, with tap dance workshops from a world-leading tap star, and inspire fun learning with a Read Along "Kiddie Rhythms" Author Book Signing.

Watch Video

Cooley Ranch Elementary School

1st Grade Class

"Tapping Time" Workshops


Nancy Larsh

Kindergarten Teacher, CA


"I have been teaching for 24 years, and this is one of the best programs that has been offered to the students here. The kids were excited. They went back to the classroom, and wrote stories about what they learned. It was a wonderful program, and I hope they come to our school again”.

First Grade Boy

Cooley Ranch Elementary School, CA


“It felt really fun, and I just feel great about dancing.”

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Charon Tap Star
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