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Workshops & Book Signings

PreSchools & Elementary Schools

Kids love fun learning, and that's what we offer in huge supply.

View more on our Kiddie Rhythms "Tapping Time" Workshops and Author Book Signings below.

No money for the Arts? No Problem:)

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Tapping Time Workshops

Ages 3-12

"Tapping Time™" a child-oriented tap dance workshop taught by world entertainer Charon Tap Star! "Tapping Time™", workshops are not only entertaining, but also work on children's spelling and counting skills.


Tap shoes are not required.


Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: $10 per child

*15 student minimum. 20 student maximum.

Read Along Author Book Signings

Ages 3-7

Encourage early childhood literacy with our author Read Along Book Signings. Participating students receive a copy of our Early Read Picture Book, Kiddie Rhythms The Show, and mini "Tapping Time" workshop.


Duration: 35 minutes

Cost: $25 per Student (11 student minimum)

*35 Student Maximum.

About Book: Join the young stars of Kiddie Rhythms™ as they prepare to present a live stage show. From costumes to ballet, jazz, and tap, this vibrant, colorful, & easy-to-read picture book gives young readers a behind-the-scenes view into the exciting world of the performing arts.

Private Tap Dance Lessons

Ages 5 and Up


Parents & Dance Studios

Whether your Shining Star is Shy or an Exceptional Talent, wanting to go above and beyond standard instruction. Private Lessons are the answer for you. Book Charon Tap Star for Private Lessons in Tap Dance Training, Performance Skills, and Solo or Group Choreography.


Warning: Private Lessons with Charon Tap Star result in Shining Stars with supreme Self Confidence, Self Love, Inspiration, and Focused Ambition. Email Us

Author Book Signings
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